Tony Blair finally gets his haircut and admits meme-making mullet was a mistake

Tony Blair finally gets his haircut and admits meme-making mullet was a mistake

It’s finally happened, everyone. Tony Blair has had a haircut.

The former prime minister showed off his freshly trimmed look during an appearance on Good Morning Britain.

The 68-year-old sparked a social media storm when he was filmed rocking a flowing grey mullet for an interview with ITV at the end of April.

The surprise style invited a flurry of memes and comparisons, with Blair likened to Peter Stringfellow, Doc from Back to the Future and a possessed Ghostbusters painting, among other iconic characters.

But, speaking to GMB hosts Susanna Reid and Alastair Campbell on Wednesday, he revealed he wasn’t too happy about all the attention.

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“It’s done. It’s over,” he said as his gleeful interviewers grilled him over the headline-grabbing barnet.

Campbell – Blair’s former right hand man when he was Labour leader – said to his guest: "We’ve done many events together, I’ve always defended you (...) Can you explain to me how you allowed yourself to do a television interview looking like Alvin Stardust or Gerry Francis?"

Reid then joked that he looked like the wizard Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, with Blair admitting he’d been presented with far less flattering doppelgangers.

“Well Gandalf is better than some of the things that I’ve been called as a result there,” he said.

“Look, it was lockdown, it’s done, it’s over."

Reid then reminded him that he’d shown off his shoulder-length do after hairdressers had already opened, suggesting he had no excuse for failing to get it neatened before the TV appearance.

An increasingly frustrated Blair retorted that he found it “depressing” that people seemed so much more fixated on his hair than the work he’s been doing over the past year.

He said: "I know, it took me some time to get organised, but the thing that is interesting – and depressing – about politics is my institute over the last 12 months has done all this stuff around vaccines and all of that.”

He then revealed that he had asked his team what had attracted the most internet searches over the course of the pandemic.

"Literally when I said to my people, ‘What have we received the most traffic about in the last year?’ they said, ‘actually, your hair’."

Reid then reminded the ex-PM that it wasn’t exactly hard for her to relate to such scrutiny.

"Welcome to being a woman on television,” she said.

“Because what you look like, what you wear and what your hair looks like will probably be the main thing you get traffic about."


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