Tony Blair’s new mullet haircut has become an instant meme

Tony Blair’s new mullet haircut has become an instant meme

Tony Blair appeared on ITV News on Tuesday night to discuss the possibility of a new Scottish independence referendum however it was his new haircut that made headlines.

The former British prime minister spoke to Paul Brand on the issue but whatever he said paled in comparison to the long white mullet that he is now sporting on his head.

Blair, who compared to the current PM, had a much smarter haircut, now appears to be following Boris Johnson in the questionable hairdo stakes with this effort that looks like he might have once been a member of a 1970s prog-rock band.

Either lockdown has been hard on the 67-year-old former Labour party leader or he is definitely making a bold statement with his barnet.

Twitter was soon flooded with memes of Blair, with many comparing him to famous figures from history and fiction.

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Definitely has the vibe of a retired football manager who spent a lot of time abroad.

Or an extra from Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter.

He’s now got the potential to do so much more with his locks.

Jeremy Vine summed it up pretty perfectly.

And you thought your hair had suffered during lockdown...

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