What Michael Sheen has to say about that NHS speech

Michael Sheen has admitted he's stunned by the reaction to a passionate speech on the state of the NHS he delivered on St David's Day.

The actor has earned praise for a stirring rallying call to defend the NHS after a march to celebrate the health service and its founder Aneurin Bevan.

Writing on Twitter, the Welsh actor said of the response to his speech:

The messages I've had today prove the last thing that's a problem with people of this country is apathy. Passion and compassion everywhere.

It's been stunning to experience such strength of feeling and heartbreaking to hear how much people feel let down by what is being offered.

All I said is what people everywhere are saying, regardless of their politics. People can't choose if what they want isn't on the menu.

He added:

You can read our write-up of the speech here, or watch it in full below.

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