Woman loses 15 stone after making a simple change

For Krissy Thomas, losing weight was, at first, difficult.

Thomas, who weighed 25.7 stone (360lbs), referred to herself as "obese" and had a range of health problems.

I couldn't walk without terrible pain for almost three months. And I got it because I was obese. I had just gotten out of an abusive relationship where I was threatened to be killed. It took me getting mad.

She decided to lose weight, and posted her reasoning on Imgur:

I got so mad at myself. I was sick of not being the person I wanted to be. Forcing someone else to lose weight doesn't do it. It is a choice that person has to make.

One year later, she shed almost half of her body weight, coming in at 13.5 stone (190lbs).

Another year later, after some encouragement from people in her life, she now weighs 10.7 stone (150lbs).

Tell someone you love your weight and give them updates once a week. If you fail, you feel like you let them down, too, instead of just yourself.

I was used to letting myself down. But letting my ma down hurt.

How did she lose so much weight?

Thomas had one piece of advice:

Burn calories and track your food.

Thomas also encouraged people to “make healthy lifestyle choices”, not to binge, and remember to make those same healthy choices on the weekend, too.

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