We all know what it’s like to be stuck on an unwanted phone call without having the heart to hang up.

Most of us just grin and bear it, not wanting to seem rude by cutting the conversation short.

However, there is a solution, as social media star Woah Vicky revealed in a recent interview.

Anyone wishing for a polite escape route next time they’re cold-called or ambushed with the monologue of a rambling friend should take note.

During an interview for the YouTube series, Unfiltered with Zane and Heath, Vicky unintentionally shared her “genius” life-hack.

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In the video, her phone rings as she’s chatting to the hosts. Admitting she doesn’t know who’s calling, she reluctantly answers.

"Oh wassup," she says, then begins speaking before pressing a button on her phone.

"I do this to people when I wanna hang up," she explains, showing that she’s switched the device to airplane mode.

Switching your phone to airplane mode means it doesn’t look like you’ve hung up

The awe-struck hosts then realise the logic behind the move: “Because it says ‘call failed’, it doesn’t say ‘call ended’.”

Therefore, it looks as though Vicky was simply cut off – perhaps by bad signal or a sapped battery – and not as though she hung up.

"I always do that,” she continued as her hosts marvelled at the sneaky move.

She added that the thwarted caller will be told that the line is “reconnecting”, even though there’s no chance of that happening.

“You are so smart!” her admiring audience laughed.

The caller will see a ‘reconnecting’ icon, even though the call’s been cut

More than 11.4 million people have now watched a clip of the exchange on Unfiltered’s TikTok account, with users praising the crafty trick.

“Lmao I’ve been doing that since middle school. You can do the same with Zoom calls,” one fan wrote.

“Waittttt my life is finally complete,” commented another.

While another wrote: “When my supervisor calls,” accompanied by two airplane emojis.

Just make sure you don’t tell people about the move before using it on them...

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