Hugh Jackman tells Ryan Reynolds ‘everyone hates you’ as he is declared the winner of their ‘feud’

Shannon McDonagh
Tuesday 22 December 2020 17:40
(AFP via Getty Images)

Could it be that Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds’ years-long “feud” has reached an end?

It’s likely they’ll find something else to hilariously scuffle about, but not before Hugh declares himself victor in quite a big way this time around.

US retailer Sam’s Club held a competition that played on their years-long embattlement, getting their members to vote for a favourite.

A purchase of Jackman's Laughing Man Coffee counted as a vote for him, a purchase of Reynolds’ Aviation Gin for Ryan. Those unable to make a purchase were able to vote online, with Hugh coming up trumps.

It’s all in the name of charity, as each person’s respective initiaves – Reynold’s SickKids Foundation and Jackman’s Laughing Man Foundation – will receive equal donations from the retailer.

Hugh delighted in one-upping his frenemy by winning and getting his adversary to post a video online about it, which fans are finding hilarious.

The skit features Hugh’s win being confirmed by Sam’s Club CEO Kath McLay over a video call, and offering to do the honours in breaking the news of Ryan’s loss personally.  He keeps it short and sweet. 

‘You lost the Sam’s Club thing, I won. Everyone hates you. Bye!'

Ryan isn’t given any time to process before his competitor abruptly leaves, posting the video it with a hilarious caption.

To which Hugh was happy to highlight.

The two friends’ joke feud has run for over a decade now, an ever expanding mess of personal digs and trolling over social media.

Though a truce in the name of charity would be a sweet conclusion, it’s hard to believe this is the end of it.

Ryan is never going to leave it at that, surely?