Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are trolling each other with childhood photos

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It's by now a well-known fact that Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have been in a long and hilarious feud with one another, and it's hilarious.

Anyone who's fond of following them on social media will be aware of the fact that one of their favourite pass times is trolling one another.

So, it isn't really a surprise that when Hugh Jackman posted a casual throwback Thursday of the two of them when they were little boys, the internet collectively lost it.

In the tweet, he simply wrote:


In response, Reynolds had the sassy, and brilliant response:

I had no idea you were such a gorgeous kid. Oh, that’s me.

Needless to say, many people on social media absolutely loved the brotherly show of affection.

Too much cuteness!

Brothers forever.

Deadpool and Wolverine movie collaboration, please?

Jackman also posted the same throwback picture on Instagram.

It seems Reynolds, again, had a sassy response. This time, however, aimed at his mum.

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