GTA 6 could be rocked by poor UK sales according to shocking survey result

GTA 6 could be rocked by poor UK sales according to shocking survey result
'GTA 6 might be the game to save the games industry', expert …

A shocking survey has found half of UK gamers have said they are unlikely or not sure if they will bother buying GTA 6 when it's released.

The survey was conducted by Statista and YouGov with 45 per cent of gamers surveyed saying it's very or fairly unlikely they will buy Rockstar's new game and four per cent saying they don't know.

41 per cent said it's very or fairly likely they will buy the game.

The survey was run on November 28 and 29 2023 in the lead up to the GTA 6 trailer being leaked and then released in December 2023.

513 people were surveyed who were over the age of 18 living in the UK.

It must be stressed this survey was before the trailer released and hype has since swelled significantly for the game, so much so the game's release is likely to be the biggest ever.

Since the trailer dropped, which broke all sorts of YouTube records when it did, a lot of gamers are aching to know every detail they can - and there hasn't been a shortage of leaks, rumours and theories despite it still being at least eight months away.

With Take-Two, the American holding company that owns Rockstar Games, set to host an earnings call on May 16, there is widespread speculation that new details of the game will be released just before then to drive interest from investors.

It's said this could give an indication as to the timeframe of release and there could be a new trailer, screenshots or gameplay details in the run up to that too.

At odds with the results from the survey, a gaming expert believes GTA 6 could be the game to 'save the gaming industry'.

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