Married At First Sight dating expert answers most-searched for relationship questions on Google

Married At First Sight dating expert answers most-searched for relationship questions on Google
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Relationships and dating can be quite a conundrum but luckily for us thanks to the internet, people can turn to Google to seek some helpful words of wisdom when it comes to love and romance.

Given that Google processes billions of our queries per day - we imagine plenty of the searches will be relationship-related and now Betfair Casinohas carried out new research using a range of SEO tools to find the average search volume on those kinds of burning questions.

It seems the public is uncertain about commitment and settling down since judging from the research, the most-searched-for relationship question is: ‘What is an open relationship?’ with an average search volume of 18,100 searches per month.

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Some of the other popular questions were actually about questioning a relationship, with people asking: "are relationship doubts normal?" and "'can a relationship survive without intimacy?"

While Google can give some varying answers, we've got a relationship expert on hand to answer some of the most popular queries.

Married At First Sight UK expert Charlene Douglas (@charlenedouglasofficial) joined the latest season of the show and helped the couples become accustomed to their new relationships as they get to know their partners during the programme - so she knows what she's talking about.

Here are Douglas' answers to the 10 of the most-sought out relationship questions online:

What is an open relationship? - (18,100 searches per month)

“An open relationship is a relationship where a couple agree to have other romantic or/and sexual relationships with other people, whilst still maintaining a relationship with each other. It’s important though that the couple are clear what the boundaries are with this agreement," Douglas said.

How many dates should you go on before a relationship? - (4,400 searches per month)

Douglas noted how it’s "important for people to do whatever feels right for them."

"You may need some time though to decide whether someone has the qualities that you’re looking for, if you are seeking something sustainable and long-term.

“It also depends how often you speak between dates with that special person. If you’re speaking most days for hours on end, you may feel you know enough about the person to venture into a relationship.”

When is a relationship over? - (2,900 searches per month)

Sometimes it can be tricky to know when a relationship is finished for good, but Douglas has some helpful guidance to know when things are final.

A relationship is over when you absolutely know that you have no more to give. Family and friends could advise you to end a relationship, but you’ll know deep down when it’s time to leave.”

Is jealousy healthy in a relationship? (1,600 searches per month)

“Jealousy is often accompanied with anger and resentment," Douglas said.

"These negative emotions create tension in a relationship and can negatively impact intimacy in a relationship.”

According to Douglas, jealousy can create tension in a relationshipiStock Photo by Getty Images

How does a relationship work? (1,300 searches per month)

Douglas used her expertise to define what it means to be in a relationship with someone.

A relationship usually involves two people who make a commitment to each other to be together. A relationship requires clear, effective communication and effort to make it work. So often people believe that a relationship should simply work because a couple are in love.

“It takes more than love to make a relationship work. Honesty, commitment and humility are just some of the ingredients needed to make a relationship successful.”

Why does a relationship fail? (1,300 searches per month)

While nobody wants their relationship to fail, Douglas says relationships can fail "for a number of reasons," and offered a personal experience as an example.

"From my experience the main reason a relationship fails is because the two people involved have different expectations of what a relationship should be, and are unwilling to compromise and be open to doing things differently.”

Are relationship breaks healthy? (480 searches per month)

According to Douglas a break from a relationship can sometimes be "healthy."

“Relationship breaks can be healthy for some people as they create a space to think clearly about what you want from the relationship, or if you even want it at all.”

Are relationship doubts normal? (210 searches per month)

It might feel like you're the only one who has experience doubts, but this is "very normal" in a relationship says Douglas.

“Relationship doubts are very normal. It’s important though that if there are recurring doubts, that you discuss these with your partner before they become too overwhelming and lead to the end of your relationship.”

Can a relationship survive after cheating? (140 searches per month)

“It can be quite difficult to move forward after a partner has cheated," Douglas said.

"Some couples though use this time to establish what went wrong and to agree what their ‘new’ relationship will look like. Oftentimes emotions are so high, that couple therapy is required to facilitate healthier conversations.”

Can a relationship last without intimacy? (110 searches per month)

Douglas sets out the difference between physical and emotional intimacy and highlighted the importance of the latter.

A relationship without physical intimacy can most definitely last, if this is not something that is seen as important to a couple. Emotional intimacy is imperative though for the survival of a relationship.

“Spending quality time together by watching a movie, playing a game or having deep conversations about thoughts and feelings with your partner help to create a shared bond and closeness.”

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