Man who married nine women says he's divorcing four of them

Man who married nine women says he's divorcing four of them
Man is being divorced by one of his nine wives

They say 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, so when you're married to nine people you're risking 4.5 divorces.

That's the reality for Arthur O Urso, a well-known polygamist, and influencer, from São Paulo, Brazil who first made headlines by revealing he had eight wives and wanted a child with each one.

Urso, 36, told the Daily Star that he's now only married to four of his nine former wives.

According to Urso, one of his wives left shortly after their symbolic marriage ceremony in 2021, and now he's divorcing four.

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Urso began his polyamorous journey in 2021 when he symbolically married his nine wives and then moved to João Pessoa to build his "Mansion of Free Love".

However, locals were unhappy with Urso and his wives moving in and began harassing them.

"We were all worried, of course," Urso said. "Afraid at first. But we sat down and talked to understand the problem. We lived well, with some minor disagreements, but nothing unusual in the life of couples until then."

The public pressure ultimately strained some of Urso's relationships, leading to separation.

"Small discussions ended up becoming more frequent and we reached a common agreement to separate," the influencer revealed.

"We ended in peace, each one said what was feeling and that's how free love should be. Respect individual and together freedom, and understand when it's time to end, without stress, without impasses," he added.

Because polygamy is not legal in Brazil, Urso's marriages and divorces are not legally binding, only symbolically.

According to reports, Urso is legally married to his first wife, Luana Kazaki.

Despite going through five breakups recently, Urso is determined to continue building his life and family.

"I don't know when this will happen or if I'm going to marry again, but I do want more women," Urso told the Daily Star.

The influencer initially said he began his polyamorous journey because he wanted to “protest against monogamy.”

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