Millennials horrified that iPods are now 'vintage' items at Urban Outfitters

Millennials horrified that iPods are now 'vintage' items at Urban Outfitters
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Y2K has been at the forefront of recent trends, and now Apple iPods are making a comeback as the discontinued models are being sold on Urban Outfitters as 'vintage' - much to the horror of millennials.

From classic to mini, different types of the MP3 player are available to purchase on the fashion website, tapping into the Y2K trends that Gen Z is loving at the moment.

Some of the models for sale include iPod Color (4th generation), iPod (4th generation), and iPod Classic (5th generation), reported.

Though nostalgia has a price since a sky blue Apple iPod Mini (1st Generation) costs $199, but back in 2004 the price was $249.

Thanks to current Y2K trends, it looks like the Apple iPod is making a comebackUrban Outfitters

"First introduced in 2001, the iPod is the quintessential MP3 player, and this iPod Mini (2004) is the perfect blend of new millennium design with modern features," the product page reads.

"These iPods have been updated with an all-new battery and 128GB of flash storage so you’ll have plenty of space for all your favorite albums in a faster, sturdier package. Each iPod is kitted with an original deadstock Apple sync cable and headphones.

"This is a genuine piece of vintage retro tech - refurbished and restored by Retrospekt."

Meanwhile, an Apple iPod (5th Generation) will now cost you $349.00 though this model wasn't available on the Urban Outfitters website at the time of writing, suggesting that the product has sold out.

Also, no products appear on the shopping site when searching for Apple iPods either.

The price point has been criticised, noting that other resale websites such as eBay and Etsy — are selling similar iPods starting at around $35, The Philadelphia Enquirer reported.

News of the Apple iPod being sold as a "vintage" item for $199 and over has shocked many on social media.

Last year, theApple iPod was discontinued after 20 years on the market so perhaps we'll see this product turn into a sought after vintage item in the years to

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