Woman left exhausted by her neighbours noisy kids who wake her up at 5:30

Woman left exhausted by her neighbours noisy kids who wake her up at 5:30
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Noisy neighbours can be a difficult problem to navigate, as you want to confront them over the racket but at the same time, you want to avoid any awkwardness as you live next to them.

One mum has taken to Netmums to share her dilemma (and her irritation) at her neighbour's noisy kids that keep waking her up early in the morning.

"Hi looking for some advice really. I have neighbours that have 2 young kids who are constantly waking me up around 5.30-6am every morning," she wrote.

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"I know they cannot stop their kids getting up and making noise, I have a child myself I understand that, but the issue is they are not getting out of bed with them.

The mum claimed that the parents living next door to her are being "neglectful" by leaving them alone in their bedroom (which is right next to their neighbour's bedroom) for up to three hours each morning "so they can have a lie in."

A mum can't get any shut-eye because of her neighbours noisy childreniStockphoto by Getty Images

"They are left to bang jump of the bed so loud that it shakes my bedroom. I’m getting really fed up with it,"

She then detailed how she works full time and so is "exhausted" from not being able to catch up with her sleep on the weekend because the parents next door won’t get up with their children.

"They also come up to bed late gone midnight slamming every door waking me up aswell," the mum added.

To end her post, she asked the online community for advice, and wrote: "Am I being unreasonable or should I complain to the council? I have spoken to them before about the noise but they shrug it if saying they cannot stop them. Thank you for listening."

Since sharing her problem, the mum has received a number of message with different pieces of advice on what to do next.

One person wrote: "This sounds very frustrating. I would perhaps first try and approach your neighbours to see if you can let them know they are being very disruptive very early in the morning.

"Ultimately it’s within their property so not sure there’s much you can do. Before complaining formally I would defo try and appeal to them direct and explain."

"I would complain, but I can tell you it's a long process," another person said.

"I've been there. Out of desperation, I have bought earplugs and it made a huge difference. They're not comfortable but the sleep quality is so much better."

While someone else advised her to contact her local authority "genuinely concerned for the welfare of their children."

"If you are satisfied that the children aren't actually being neglected/in any danger and are just waking up early, unfortunately, noise from children playing is not usually classed as antisocial behaviour," a fourth person replied.

"You might not get very far complaining, but your environmental health department at the council would be able to let you know if they have a noise app or something to monitor the noise and take action if possible or necessary."

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