I ate pizza made by the world's best pizza chef - this is what it was like

I ate pizza made by the world's best pizza chef - this is what it was like
Kate Plummer

It is a truth universally acknowledged that everyone (or at least most people) loves a good slice of pizza.

Be it a crappy supermarket pizza that you fling in your oven at the end of a busy work day, a hangover deep dish dripping in grease, or a carefully crafted gastronomical delight in Naples itself, there's something about the combination of dough, tomatoes and mozzarella that is hard to say no to.

So what if you had the opportunity to try an award-winning slice of pizza? You'd probably run to it.

That is exactly what I did, at least, when I found out that Michele Pascarella, who runs Napoli On The Road in Chiswick, west London, was named the best pizza maker in the world by the "Michelin guide for pizzas".

The 50 Top Pizza Awards is an annual event that notes the best pizzerias and chefs in the world, via anonymous visits by experienced pizza critics.

So what was the winner liike according to this amatuer critic?

Napoli On The Road is a cosy neighbourhood restaurant you could take a friend to, family or a date and have a good time. It is small with bright decorations and the atmosphere is warm and friendly.

But let's get down to business - the food. The pizza menu is vast and while there a classics like the margherita and, there are also some more quirky concoctions including a pizza with beef fillet tartare and crushed hazelnut, and another with stilton and cherry tomato jam. There is also a good selection of starters and nibbles, desserts and drinks, but I'm here to eat some award-winning pizza, so let's get to it.

Unadventurous with my pizza choices, I opt for the humble parmigiana, a pizza with aubergines, fior di latte, parmesan and basil.

It arrives, looking majestic, and I slice it and get to work.

The dough is light and bouncier than any other pizza dough I've had before. It is almost fluffy and it feels like an integral part to the pizza itself, rather than a vehicle for the toppings but doesn't overshadow the toppings either.

The tomato and cheese both taste fresh and light and the ratios are spot on, dancing together and giving each other ample time in the limelight.

And the aubergine is next level. Caramelized, melting in my mouth like wagyu grade beef, it laughs in the face of people who think of vegetables as an afterthought in meals.

This is a great pizza, whether it is the best pizza in the world though? Who knows. I've had a lot of great pizzas and to me this is on the same ranking of my favourites in London, like Theo's in Camberwell or the chain Rudy's.

Nevertheless, I leave Napoli On The Road satisfied and excited to return.

It is clear why Pascarella is so well-respected in the restaurant industry. After all, everyone loves a good slice of pizza.

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