There's such a thing as a ‘Miss Hitler’ beauty pageant, and one of the entrants just got sent to jail

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A former “Miss Hitler” beauty pageant contestant has just been sentenced to jail for being involved in an illegal neo-Nazi terror group.

Following a trial at Birmingham Crown Court, Alice Cutter was found guilty of belonging to the terrorist group, National Action and sentenced to three years in prison.

The group was banned in December 2016, but Cutter continued as an active member, alongside her partner, Mark Jones.

While sentencing, Judge Paul Farrer QC said Jones played:

A significant role in the continuation of the organisation.

The judge said Cutter “never held an organisational or leadership role” but was a “trusted confidante” for the group, offering advice on training and leadership.

Jones was involved in organising training camps and 'grooming' recruits and received a five and a half year prison sentence.

While fellow members of the group Garry Jack – who received four and half years – and Connor Scothern – who got 18 months.

But what about the ‘Miss Hitler’ beauty pageant?

It’s unknown what year Cutter joined the “Miss Hitler” beauty pageant but she entered the competition under the pseudonym “The Buchenwald Princess”.

This is a reference to one of the first and largest concentration camps during the second world war.

According to the Anti Defamation Commission, voting for this year’s “Miss Hitler” beauty pageant is due to start on 8 August.

It will not be held in a physical space, rather people will submit photos of themselves, alongside a nickname and a paragraph explaining why they entered.

The winner will be decided via a poll voted on by internet users who will judge the various pictures. The winner will be announced on 3 September.

A previous year asked for entrants to send in photos of themselves, but to make sure they “hate Jews” and also “be a member of the ‘Adolf Hitler VKontakte’ group".

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