Americans are more desperate than ever to move Canada after last night's ‘disastrous’ presidential debate

The state of US politics is at a tipping point and Americans trying to make a run for it.

After a generally "disastrous" and chaotic presidential debate on Tuesday night, Twitter was full of countless Americans desperate to make it across the border.

“Will you take us in Canada?” users tweeted, joking that the debate had been the last straw in a period of extreme political upheaval ahead of the 2020 presidential election. Some said they planned to move across the northern border ASAP, while others still asked if Canadians would marry them for citizenship purposes.

Canada has a reputation of being the “nice”, welcoming and importantly, serene, upstairs neighbour compared to the tumultuous United States.

This may have been more than a laughing matter, as the debate actually led to a spike in Google searches about how US residents could move to Canada.

The searches included “move to Canada” and “how to apply for Canadian citizenship” and jumped-up drastically during and after the 90-minute debate in Ohio.

Some generous Canadian seemed willing to take mercy on the desperate Americans:

This is not the first time Americans were desperate to move to a different country. There was recently an up-tick in interest in heading to New Zealand due to its remarkable handling of the coronavirus compared to the dismal situation in the US.

Even so, other Canadian Twitter users reminded Americans that the nation is not necessarily a better place:

It seems most Americans will have to stick about and face the political music, no matter how painful.

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