Another Tory just quit but his resignation letter is so blurry no-one is sure why

Another Tory just quit but his resignation letter is so blurry no-one is sure why
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Following the resignation of Health Secretary Sajid Javid and Chancellor Rishi Sunak, Tory MP Andrew Murrison submitted his letter of resignation to Prime Minister Boris Johnson but there was one problem with it ... no-one could read it.

On Tuesday, Murrison, 61, took a photo of his resignation as a trade envoy and tweeted it with no caption. However due to the blurriness of Murrison's camera, people were left scratching their heads.

Commenters mocked Murrison, poking fun at the hard-to-read letter.

"Hi Andrew, could you take another photo not using a potato?" Michael Joseph wrote in his reply.

"Dominic Cummings driving to Barnard Castle to find out if Andrew Murrison's resigned," Ivo Graham wrote.

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Murrison served as the Tory MP for South West Wiltshire, previously Westbury, since 2001.

Replies joked about Murrison's blurry photo, with some creating memes.

"Be useful if we could read it though," Kate tweeted.

"Obviously not the minister for photography," a Twitter user joked.

"Your big moment and you couldn’t bother to wipe your lens?" David wrote.

Luckily Murrison listened to the complaints of people and posted another photo in much clearer quality, citing Lord McDonald's recent letter to Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards as his catalyst for resigning.

"The last straw in the rolling chaos of the past six months has been the unavoidable implication of Lord McDonald's letter to Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards this morning." Murrison's letter read.

"In February, reflecting on your achievements, I wrote a supportive op ed for the Guardian in which I said that if you were obliged to leave office you would do so with your head held high. I would no longer write in those terms. Your position has become unrecoverable. I strongly urge to resign," Murrison wrote.

"Pleased to report Andrew Murrison is now out of the shower," Liam Thorp wrote in response to the re-uploaded photo.

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