A seagull fell in a vat of curry again

A seagull fell in a vat of curry again

Who can resist of the waft of spices, garlic and chargrilled chicken when you walk past your local curry house? Seagulls clearly can't.

For the second time in a three months a gull has had to be rescued by the RSPCA after falling into a vat of cold curry and dying itself orange.

The gull took a dive in a vat of cold Tandoori sauce in Newport. Sian Burton from the RSPCA said: “He must have had a shock when he fell in the curry. We have no idea if it flew in because it was hungry or if he fell in by accident!"

In June a gull, nicknamed Gullfrazie, fell into a vat of chicken tikka masala in a Welsh food factory after trying to scavenge a piece of meat. Both birds were uninjured, despite their auburn-hue, and released back into the wild.

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