‘Sickening’ anti-vaxx leaflets comparing vaccines to the Holocaust dropped through letterboxes
Leon Neal/Getty Images

A “sickening” leaflet comparing the Covid-19 vaccine rollout to the Holocaust has been distributed to homes in London.

The leaflet depicts an illustration of Auschwitz concentration camp with the words “vaccines are safe: path to freedom” above it, in a reference to an Evening Standard front page headline. Beneath the image, the leaflet claims:

“Vaccines are actually a gateway to morbidity and mortality.”

Labour MP Neil Coyle, whose Southwark constituency was targeted by the leaflet campaign, commented:

“Absolutely sickened by anti-vax conspiracy theory crackpot leaflets put through some doors … today. Sickening when people [are] trying to stay home and safe. Hideous imagery and asking [Southwark Police] for action against these disgusting, dangerous cranks.”

Others called the leaflets “vile” and dangerous”.

A note on the leaflet credits the “concept idea” to Piers Corbyn, an anti-vaxx and anti-lockdown conspiracy theorist and brother to former Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn.

He has attended numerous anti-lockdown protests and has been arrested for breaching Covid-19 rules while protesting.

It’s not clear whether Piers Corbyn was involved in making or distributing the leaflets. indy100 has contacted him to clarify whether he had any involvement in it. If he responds we’ll let you know.

Every vaccine undergoes rigorous testing before its approval. The Covid-19 vaccine is already having an effect on the virus’s outbreak in the UK, according to scientists.

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