AOC just perfected how a politician should communicate with voters

AOC just perfected how a politician should communicate with voters

In recent years, many people have found themselves becoming increasingly engaged in politics.

Particularly over the Covid crisis, we are seeing how decisions made by those in power have a direct impact on our lives and communities.

But despite that, how much do we really know about what one of our representatives actually does during a workweek?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, U.S. Representative for New York’s 14th congressional district, has expertly used social media to communicate with voters, keeping them in the loop.

A video shared on her Twitter account, captioned, “Ever wonder what a Representative does in a week, anyway? Here’s what I‘ve been up to since Monday,” showed voters what the representative does during a workweek.

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In the clip, she said: “Okay everybody, it is Friday. Leaving the office and I just figured I’d give you guys an update, because, what does a member of Congress do in a week anyway?”

The Representative went on to describe what she had been up to, including launching a programme to reimburse funeral costs for people who have lost someone to Covid-19.

She also helped fight for a two-week hotel stay for residents in Jackson Heights whose building had been destroyed by a fire.

The entire video was captioned, with everything she said typed out word for word, making it far more accessible.

AOC ended the video, saying, “so here’s a picture of a pretty sunset I took this week.”

Relatable, transparent and inspiring the next generation of voters.

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