There's no two ways about it. US Democrat representative Maxine Waters is a superhero, and during Aretha Franklin's funeral at Greater Grace Temple, she showed her powers once again.

During the service, Bishop Charles Ellis singled out the California congresswoman, acknowledging she'd come under fire, particularly from president Donald Trump on Twitter.

Trump regularly makes jibes at Waters, including suggesting that she's got an 'extraordinarily low IQ'.

Since the attacks, Waters has had to cancel events because of threats that she would be lynched or shot, reports the Huffington Post.

After introducing her, and saying she has been 'attacked like never before' by Trump, Ms Waters stood up and delivered the 'Wakanda Forever' sign from the 2018 hit superhero movie 'Black Panther'.

What a moment. The guests erupted in applause.

After she delivered the salute, Ellis said:

But she’s a strong black woman. 

Everybody just point over there and tell her, ‘We got your back.’ Come on, say it so everybody can hear you out there: ‘We got your back!

Needless to say, Twitter had her back, too.

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