BBC Bitesize is teaching kids about ‘benefits of climate change’ and people aren’t impressed

The BBC is facing a backlash after publishing educational resources for children listing the “positive” impacts of climate change.

On a GCSE level resource published on the BBC Bitesize website, it lists a number of claims for the argument that climate change could have positive impacts on the world and in the UK more specifically, including on tourism.

Under the headline ‘positive and negative impacts of climate change, it says: “Positive impacts of a warmer global climate could include... new tourist destinations becoming available.

“Some animals and plants could benefit and flourish in a changing climate.

“Warmer temperatures could lead to healthier outdoor lifestyles.”

Responding to the publication of the resource, a number of people were shocked to see the BBC present climate change as if there was a balanced argument to be made.

Gary Lineker questioned whether it was a “spoof”:

While George Monbiot said it was an “absolute disgrace”:

And journalist Henry Mance also criticised it:

The resource did also list a number of negative impacts of climate change. It noted that Arctic plant species could become “extinct” and that extreme weather events like tropical storms could become more frequent.

But critics stated that the climate crisis is not one that should be approached in this manner.

Stuart Lock, the CEO of a free school group, Advantage School, said the resource was “flat wrong”.

Responding to the criticism, BBC Bitesize said it would be “assessing the guides in relation to the latest ed specs from the relevant exam boards”.

A BBC spokesperson later told indy100 that they had “reviewed the page and are amending the content to be in line with current curricula.”

We have also approached the Department for Education to assess whether the BBC’s resource was in line with the national curriculum.

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