A protester at a Bernie Sanders campaign rally last night socked the crowd as he pulled out a huge flag with a swastika on it.

Sanders was speaking in Phoenix, Arizona ahead of the primary on 17 March. He began speaking to cheers from the crowd befor a man appears to wave a Nazi flag. The crowd collectively boos him, and Sanders reacts:

Whoever it was, I think they’re a little outnumbered tonight

It's a good quip, but betrays a disturbing casualness to the encounter. Sanders is Jewish, something which he has spoken about on the campaign trail. The idea that he would be faced with antisemitic imagery with enough regularity to not appear to be at all shocked is devastating.

Especially so given that Sanders's has family members who were murdered in the holocaust.

The only silver lining was the attitude of the crowd, which not only booed the man but also managed to wrestly the flag out of his hands.

People are understandably upset by this turn of events.

And there are calls for increased security for presidential nomination candidates.

Sanders has not spoken out further on this, and continues to use Twitter to shade Biden instead.

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