Fox News’ latest punt in the ‘culture wars’ discourse is a claim that figures from the Bible are going to be the next victims of cancel culture.

Yes - they’re at it again.

Host Bill Hemmer nonchalantly made the statement during a segment on his show about action being taken on statues with negative historic implications in Chicago.

The city has listed 41 statues and monuments for review, citing “racial healing and historical reckoning”. Several of those listed feature US presidents such as Abraham Lincoln and William McKinley. 

“I tell you, if they start cancelling these American presidents, they’re gonna come after Bible characters next. Mark my words.”

He evidently thinks he is really on to something here, waving his pen at the screen to a chorus of agreement from his two co-hosts. Together they are tearing up the woke agenda, one step at a time.

American journalist Aaron Rupar highlighted the insanity on Twitter, with the video at almost 2 million views.

Viewers noted that former CNN host Hemmer makes himself look a bit silly here by referring to them as ‘characters’, implying an element of fictitiousness.

More theological types thought it important to mention that technically, the Bible ‘cancels’ people in a number of ways.

Judas, anyone?

The authenticity of his co-hosts’ agreement to this bizarre statement is also under review.

Perhaps most pertinently, some were just keen to point out the hypocrisy of Trump supporters to speak from any religious position, given who they look up to.

Two impeachment trials and potentially inciting a siege on democracy don’t bode well for men of faith.

Christmas, emojis, now biblical figures. It all adds to the long list of things Fox News reckon have been or will be cancelled eventually.

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