A white man was caught repeatedly removing the word 'Black' from a 3-year-old girl's BLM sign

A white man was captured in a viral video removing the word “Black” from a 3-year-old girl’s chalk art which showed support for Black Lives Matter.

Every day, the girl would write “Black Lives Matter” on the pavement in her San Francisco neighbourhood, only to find it removed later. On the fourth occasion, the girl’s mother, Manette Sharick, caught him and recorded the exchange.

The man, who identified himself only by his first name, Jim, cycled by the display and poured water on it daily to erase the sign.

“You come prepared with water bottles so you can erase this every day,” Sharick says in the video, which Jim admits to.

In an interview with ABC7, Sharick said:

Writing with chalk on a sidewalk is causing no harm or damage to the community. If you disagree that's fine but don't damage what was written on a sidewalk on somebody else's home. All you have to do is keep walking.

According to the same report, Jim erased the display because he thought someone was writing “racist thoughts".

"I was only pouring across the word Black because I believe that all lives matter,” he said. “I don't care what nationality, sexual orientation or any of that, we are all human beings."

The video has since gone viral on Facebook, and Sharick’s neighbours have written “Black Lives Matter” in front of their own properties in support.

Similar instances have occurred over recent months as the Black Lives Matter movement grows. In another viral video, a woman called the police on a man creating Black Lives Matter chalk art on his own home.

In Washington, an off-duty police officer was also caught on video confronting a man and his family over their chalk display.

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