Boris Johnson is being roasted for his new slow-motion video pledging to ‘unleash’ Britain’s potential

Conrad Duncan@theconradduncan
Thursday 07 November 2019 11:45
Picture:(Boris Johnson/Twitter)

Boris Johnson’s latest campaign video has not got the positive response he was hoping for.

The Conservatives are pledging to “unleash” Britain’s potential if they win the election in December but so far all they’ve managed to do is unleash wave after wave of abuse online.

The party’s latest attempt to drum up support is a slow-motion video of Boris Johnson walking through Downing Street backed by a soundtrack of generic stadium rock and meaningless Tory platitudes.

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As tracking shots go, it’s got nothing on Martin Scorsese.

The thinking behind the video was presumably to make Johnson look like a commanding statesman but due to his typically dishevelled appearance, poor posture and awkward walk he reminded viewers of some other things…

The video’s message is also a bit confusing – if Johnson is so ready to face the challenges of running the country, why does this advert show him leaving Downing Street?

And why do none of the Downing Street staff members have faces?!

It would be so much less disturbing if they’d got permission to film those people.

In other Johnson news – the prime minister officially launched his election campaign yesterday at a tightly-controlled media event.

It's safe to say the sparse crowd didn’t exactly make him look like the people’s prime minister…

More: It turns out Boris Johnson's campaign launch wasn't as big as it looked on TV