Boris Johnson is the next prime minister of Britain.

While it’s seemed grimly inevitable for some time, that didn’t help to cushion the shock of the surreal announcement

And judging by the reaction (aside from those of simpering colleagues), nobody was more dismayed than those who know him best.

First up, his sister, Rachel Johnson was captured by ITV’s Robert Peston, looking long-suffering, to put it mildly.

While his brother Jo has since claimed to be delighted with his brother’s new job, one Twitter user suggested differently.

Here are some glowing references from former colleagues, kicked off with this excellent tribute by his one-time employer, The Times.

His biographer and former deputy didn't seem too pleased with his ascension either...

...while agreeing with a foreign minister who abandoned ship the day before.

But Friends of 'Britain Trump' were happy, and seemingly very excited about broadband.

Others shared their concerns in the run-up to the event.

As did those twice removed.

However, none of these quite hold up to this young Scottish graffiti artist's stellar analysis.

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