Resurfaced video shows Boris Johnson being pelted with balls at Tory conference

Resurfaced video shows Boris Johnson being pelted with balls at Tory conference

The day after the divisive Brexit vote in 2016 it seemed as though Boris Johnson’s ultimate fantasy of becoming prime minister would not become a reality.

The country was in turmoil, families were divided and there was a sense that the architects of our downfall would disappear and, ideally, never be heard from again.

Johnson is back and this time it’s personal. The new prime minister, fond of referencing Winston Churchill and fathering children, has promised to oversee Brexit and take the United Kingdom out of the European Union on or before Halloween of this year. Spooky, indeed.

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, the authentic voice of the working man, has been in Manchester recently. You might think he could be a popular man in the city as a result of the truly horrendous things he’s said about Liverpool over the years but, no, he even had to cajole his own supporters into applauding his speech. David Brent never quite stooped that low, however badly he struggled during a spot of public speaking.

The footage of Johnson having a tougher time of it in Manchester than Alexis Sanchez playing at home has led many to reflect on a previous trip the man took to the city. It’s less awkward than the speech debacle but provides a certain visceral pleasure.

In the footage from 2015, the affectation in human form is seen being pelted with plastic balls on arrival at the Conservative Party Conference. The protestors were demonstrating against cuts to disability benefits and the police commented that the protests had been conducted with “dignity and good grace”.

As you might expect, there were certain corners of the internet where people couldn't get enough of the video and applauded it with aplomb.

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