Bouncer forgives man who racially abused him outside Brooklyn nightclub: 'I think we should just hug it out'

Bouncer forgives man who racially abused him outside Brooklyn nightclub: 'I think we should just hug it out'

In an unusually positive turn of events, a bouncer who was racially abused by a real estate agent in Brooklyn, New York, just wants to 'hug it out'.

Earlier this week, Chris Giardina, a Brooklyn real estate broker was fired from his job at Myspace NYC after he was caught on camera in a racist tirade aimed at a bouncer working outside House of Yes, a nightclub in Bushwich, New York.

In the tirade, 29-year-old Giardina can be heard repeatedly calling the bouncer the 'n-word', as well as hurling racist abuse at a Latino bystander.

However, instead of holding a grudge, Jose Arturo Lopez, the 38-year-old bouncer who was subjected to the racist rant, just wants to make amends, reports the New York Post.

We are living in hard times in our communities, and a conversation will do more good than firing someone.

There’s nothing to learn if he just gets fired. It just increases anger. I think we should just hug it out.

Myspace NYC principle agent Shawn Mullahy said in an email to The Post that despite the bouncer's offer of forgiveness, he won't be re-hiring Giardina.

House of Yes marketing director Jacqui Rabkin also says that the establishment has a zero tolerance rule when it comes to racism, and will be black listing Giardina.

Lopez, however, says that this kind of thing happens to him all the time, and has shown Giardina forgiveness.

This just happened to be on camera — it happens all the time.

I don’t get offended by adjectives or name-calling.

I’ve been spit in the face, I’ve been sucker punched, I’ve been thrown on the floor — name-calling is the least of my issues.

Lopez also apologised to the racist, because at one point he reaches out and slaps the drunken man's hand away from his earpiece.

The only time, as you might seen on video that I slapped his hands was when he was trying to reach over my earpiece.

To that I apologise; I should just had to take a step back or just ignored him. 

Giardina also said that he 'deeply regrets' the rant, and that he's thinking about taking up Lopez's offer of clemency.

I appreciate the bouncer making that statement and I will privately reach out to him.

House of Yes did not immediately return a request for comment.

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