These tweets by Leave EU about BMW's future in the UK have aged very badly

Greg Evans
Tuesday 05 March 2019 15:15
Picture:(GEOFF CADDICK/AFP/Getty Images/Twitter)

Car manufacturer BMW has announced that in the event of a no-deal Brexit they would be prepared to move their production line in Oxford to Austria.

This was revealed by one of the firm's board members, Peter Schwarzenbauer, on Tuesday. Speaking to Reuters at a Geneva car show, he said:

We have some flexibility on the engine side with Steyr in Austria. 

We would need to make some adjustments toward Steyr. We are preparing to be able to do it.

Schwarzenbauer also hinted to Sky News that BMW is considering ending their Mini production in the UK in the event of a no deal.

This is on top of reports from September 2018 that BMW would be shutting down the Oxford plan to coincide with the current Brexit date of 29 March.

Although the company has plants in Hams Hall, Goodwood, Swindon and a sales and marketing branch in Farnborough, this will be seen as another huge blow for British industry before Brexit happens.

The likes of Honda, Nissan and Dyson have all announced this year that they will be taking large parts of their respective companies elsewhere once the UK leaves the EU.

This news won't be greeted with much optimism from anyone but it will definitely leave egg on the face of pro-Brexit campaign group Leave.EU who had posted several tweets about BMW's future in the UK.

The first of these was back in November 2017 when they quoted BMW director, Dr Ian Robertson, who had appeared to have given a vote of confidence to the UK.

Next was in September 2018 and was in response to the aforementioned story about BMW closing their Oxford branch to coincide with Brexit.

In the tweet they called MPs 'disingenuous Remoaners' and claimed that 'moving their closure forward is just sound business practice'.

Once again folks, just 24 days until Brexit happens...

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