So, 18 months after the Brexit vote, we’ve finally fudged the Irish border, EU citizens’ rights and the divorce bill.

Now all we’ve got to agree is…

What the transition period looks like, how long it lasts, whether it can be extended, what our immigration system will be, who it applies to, what sort of free-trade agreement we want with the EU, which sectors it covers, who resolves disputes over it, which EU rules we keep, whether we can change them in the future without asking Brussels, whether new EU laws will apply to the UK during the transition period, whether we’ll have any say at all in creating them, how our privacy and data protection rules will work with the EU’s, how our intellectual property rules will work with the EU’s, whether we continue to recognise each others’ professional qualifications, how we safeguard the welfare of animals, which set of rules will apply to goods in the supply chain at the moment Britain leaves the EU, how Brexit will impact each sector of our economy, whether the government can change human rights laws, whether we can get a special agreement to keep access to European police databases, whether we can keep the European Arrest Warrant, whether Northern Ireland gets a special solution, whether the Northern Ireland executive will have to agree to new trade barriers with Great Britain, what the actual figure for the divorce bill is, whether EU citizens will still have to pay to stay in Britain, whether we’ll keep paying a subscription for access to the EU’s markets after the transition period ends …. and whether it was all worth it.

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