A Pro-Leave commentator failed to elaborate on why Brexit would benefit the UK when questioned live on TV.

Isabel Oakeshott and former Labour home secretary Jacqui Smith debated the latest developments on Good Morning Britain on December 31 after the trade deal with the EU was approved by MPs earlier this week.

Oakeshott claimed: "There are an absolute raft of benefits. We don't have long enough here to go through them."

Earlier in the interview, Oakeshott also said: “Well I mean how long have you got in terms of the benefits? Finally being able to be in charge of our own destiny. And I just don’t think people want to hear the negativity. We’ve had this debate. We argued about this for a ridiculous length of time. It is now the point to move on.”

When asked by GMB presenter Sean Fletcher to provide examples of economic benefits, Smith interjected and sarcastically remarked: “People’s jobs don’t matter..., is that right?”

Oakeshott replied: “It is up to us now isn’t it? I think we should turn ourselves into a low-tax economy and attract outward investment from all over the world. "We're now free to do our own deals with other countries.”

While some social media users offered their support, many reacted with derision.

Others asked Oakeshott to share her list of benefits after the programme.

And one Twitter user drew parallels with a 19th-century painting.

Looks like debates over Brexit are set to continue into 2021.

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