Liz Truss sent this pro-EU tweet in 2016 which is now very awkward

Look, we've all said (or tweeted) things that, further down the line, we don't necessarily agree with anymore.

That being said, this tweet by the secretary of state and adamant Brexiteer Liz Truss is pretty embarrassing.

A 2016 tweet of Truss's, back when she wanted to remain in the EU, has been dug up by those willing to trawl through MPs history in order to call them out.

It reads:

I am backing remain as I believe it is in Britain's economic interest and means we can focus on vital economic and social reform at home.

Pretty sensible words, really. Shame she doesn't seem to stand by them anymore.

Naturally, the tweet is being shared and torn apart on Twitter for her hypocrisy.

Of course, we can't take it too seriously – Liz Truss doesn't seem to have too much of an idea about what's going on with Brexit (or generally).

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