Brexit Party MEP tried to come for David Lammy’s education and he was the one who got schooled
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When accusing someone of ignorance and recommending they seek further education, it’s generally best to ensure that you yourself are not lumping any false statements or basic grammatical errors in with your argument.

In what could be one of the most glorious self-owns of the modern age, Brexit Party MEP for the South East, Robert Rowland, failed on both counts.

Despite representing a party that claims to cherish UK sovereignty and independence, he took issue with David Lammy asking Donald Trump to “please back off from the UK’s affairs” in response to the US president's most recent tantrum. He wrote:

Lammy, you’re first port of call should be the Chicago School of Economics. Complete 3 years and then you might understand 10% of what we all understand. Ignorance and race baiting is your signature tune.

Apart from the fact that any Brexit Party MEP accusing someone of race-baiting is downright laughable, and that an attack on David Lammy's education seems totally unrelated to what was being discussed, there are several things wrong with this tweet.

This Twitter user perfectly summed them up.

Mr Lammy didn't mince his words in response.

While the Chicago school of economics may not be a physical academic institution, the University of Chicago is.

Spotting the bizarre spat, a professor of behavioural science and economics at the university's Booth School of Business reached out to offer Mr Lammy the chance to visit.

Twitter found the whole debacle pretty amusing.

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