'Time traveller' claims the UK eventually returns to EU after Brexit


For two-and-a-half years, we've longed to learn what will happen after Britain leaves the European Union.

Will we remain after a second referendum? We will crash out with a no-deal? Will we prosper outside of the EU or will we live in some sort of post-apocalyptic landscape?

Of course, we won't actually learn what happens until 29 March, which is worryingly only two months away, but the effects of Brexit might take a while to really come into play.

If only there was a way of seeing what will happen to Britain in the next few years and how it all turns out?

Well, luckily for us there are YouTube 'time-travellers', who claim to be from the future. The most infamous of these is Noah, who is apparently from the year 2030.

Throughout the last 12 months, Noah has made several videos for the ApexTV channel, where he claims to know the fate of certain countries, who will become president of the United States, and when aliens will land on Earth.

In his latest video, he has good news for both Leave and Remain voters, as it would appear that the UK does leave the European Union - but not for long.

According to Noah, by the year 2030, the UK has rejoined the EU, which would indicate that Brexit was only a short term thing and that it didn't work out, which is guaranteed to infuriate Brexiteers and anyone one else who has been wasting time tearing their hair out since 2016.

However, he then adds that not only do we leave the EU, but we become part of a super country where Britain is basically a 'district' within this gigantic entity, which we can only imagine will go down really well.

The United Kingdom actually does come back into the European Union. Everyone knows that they actually left a while ago now but they actually come back before 2030.

The thing about the European Union in the future is all the countries in the European Union actually converge together into one giant country and the UK acts as a district in this giant country.

This is a regular claim that Noah has made about several countries and continents in the future, but considering all this is supposed to happen in 11 years time, you would have thought that we would have heard a few murmurs of something like this happening.

In addition, he adds that a 'global currency' replaces the pound (which definitely won't be received well), global warming has a significant effect on the UK's temperature, and microchips will be released and sold in the UK that can expand brain function by 'six times' (we're not sure if that's a good or bad idea).

A fun tidbit that Noah reveals is that the prime minister in 2030, whose name isn't revealed, actually gets to meet 'aliens'. We're kinda hoping that the PM is Jacob Rees-Mogg, as we're sure this conversation would be unbelievably awkward and inspire a thousand memes.

Noah concludes these very British revelations by stating that a 'prince' does replace the queen after her passing, but stops short of saying whether it is Charles or William that becomes the next monarch. However, he does make a point of saying 'prince' rather than 'king', which should raise a few eyebrows.

Of course, this should all be taken with a grain of salt and be viewed very dubiously but, in many ways, Noah has just given us the clearest indication of where Britain is heading, even if it does sound like something straight from a bad sci-fi novel.

If you want to watch this very silly and ultimately ridiculous clip, then please click on the video below.


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