Time traveller claims ten Asian nations will merge by the year 2030


We do love a good time travel conspiracy video here at indy100 - and luckily for us there happens to be one individual on YouTube who is an expert in the field.

A man 'from the future' named Noah has made a bit of a celebrity for himself on the Apex TV channel by making some wild claims over the past few years.

In various videos, he has provided 'evidence' of footage that he has filmed from the future, claimed Martin Luther King Jr's granddaughter will be elected president in 2030 and has met his future self from 40 years into the future.

Now he's back and this time he's talking about...The Philippines? Why there? Is there something wrong? "It's their kids, Marty. Something gotta be done about them".

It's possible that he is running out of material but he does appear to have an obsession with south Asia having already spoken about what will happen to India in the future.

In his brief video on The Philippines, he claims that although we don't hear much about the country at the moment it eventually becomes a superpower of sorts after merging with several other Southeast Asian nations.

They join forces with Brunei, Indonesia, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Mynamar, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam to form ASEAN; the Association of South East Asian Nations.

That sounds really nice and to make the Philippines even more attractive, it apparently becomes a 'giant utopia' where all crime and corruption has been eradicated and that the citizens of the Philippines have had brain chips planted into their heads.

Unfortunately, he doesn't go into that much more detail in the video but does have time to plug his upcoming 'documentary' which he guarantees us will be one of the biggest things to ever surface on the internet.

Take a look at what he has to say below.

It's perfectly possible that Apex TV are in on the joke as they keep having him back on the show time and time again.

A representative of Apex TV reportedly told The Daily Dot in October that Noah, who claims to be 50, just keeps contacting them with more stories.

He kept coming back for more interviews. He kept telling us he couldn’t do anymore.

Then, we’d get another email, and he’d want to reveal more about the future, or so he claims. He became a character in a way.

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