UK wins ‘Golden Dumbass of the Year’ award from German comedy show because of Brexit

UK wins ‘Golden Dumbass of the Year’ award from German comedy show because of Brexit

It’s not just in the US where the UK has become a laughing stock thanks to Brexit.

On the season finale of Germany’s Heute Show, a loose adaptation of America’s The Daily Show, host Oliver Welke announced the winners of the “Golden Dumbass (Goldener Vollpfosten) of the Year” awards.

Alongside Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Donald Trump, who won for the fourth-consecutive time, was the whole of the UK.

Welke declared the UK was now “the most confused island in the world” because of its botched attempts to leave the European Union.

The Brits no longer have a clue what they want…

Two and a half years of negotiations with the EU and probably all for nothing. It can’t really be true.

Seriously, I know it sounds harsh, it makes you want to tell the Brits: ‘just go already’. Really… just go.

Welke said Theresa May had spent the last week “begging around Europe” for a better deal and added that the UK’s approach to Brexit “smacks of masochism”.

Pro-EU celebrities and journalists suggested the clip showed how Brexit has ruined the UK’s reputation around the world.

Others users were split on the video, with Leave-supporting MP John Mann hitting back at the show by arguing Germany should focus on its own political problems.

In a tweet after the episode aired, Heute Show wrote:

The British no longer know what they want – get out of the EU or maybe a new referendum after all? They need really professional help!


But given the week she’s add, at least Theresa May can say she's helped us win something…

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