It's been all quiet on the Brexit front for a while. But, of course, the second you think it's safe to read the news again hoping for some - anything - else, Brexit rears its ugly head all over again.

On Tuesday evening, Downing Street confirmed that prime minister Theresa May will bring the infamous withdrawal agreement back to the Commons in the vague hope that she can get her Brexit deal over the line.

The House of Commons will now vote on the maligned deal on 3 June, which is after the European elections and during the same week that Donald Trump is on a state visit to the UK.

This comes amid crumbling cross-party talks between the Tories and Labour, where Mrs May reportedly told Jeremy Corbyn that the government has a "determination to bring the talks to a conclusion" and deliver the referendum result.

Reports suggest that the government made it clear that the vote will be brought forward regardless of the outcome of their talks with Labour. This could be May's final act as prime minister having vowed to step down if her Brexit deal is passed.

Yet, the return of the widely unpopular deal, which has already been rejected three times by parliament, has been greeted with apathy online, as people on both sides of the issue are flummoxed as to why the PM has resurrected the deal.

The call for a second referendum or 'People's Vote' is being chimed out once again.

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