Tory MP and Brexiteer Andrea Jenkyns has been left red-faced after she was asked to answer what should have been a simple question about WTO rules during an appearance on BBC Politics Live.

The 44-year-old Conservative who is the MP for Morley and Outwood is a member of the prominent Eurosceptic organisation Leave Means Leave has been a strong critic of Theresa May's EU withdrawal deal and quit her junior position in the cabinet over the issue back in May 2018.

As an advocate of the so-called WTO rules, Jenkyns was asked by host Jo Coburn to name other countries that operated purely on those trading rules. Her answer wasn't exactly clear or right.

Errm...I obviously need to look further into that. Why is this about trading with the EU?

For me, I see a global Britain. Unlike remainers, my borders are not the EU.

I see beyond that and for a global Britain for trading.

This forced Labour MEP Seb Dance to step-in and correct Jenkyns for her inaccurate statement.

It's our EU membership that gives us better terms with the rest of the world. That is how we trade with the rest of the world currently.

Your no deal would not just rip us out of our biggest market, it would end our trade relationship with some 60+ plus other countries around the world, which we would then have to negotiate from scratch.

The furthest we've got now is the Faroe Islands. I'm sorry but it's total nonsense.

Jenkyns was then told by Coburn that the only countries that trade with the EU purely on that basis are Cuba, Venezuela, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and North Korea.

This embarrassing moment for the Brexiteer is hardly the first time someone has failed to competently explain WTO rules and many Twitter users are sharing their thoughts and criticisms.

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