Nigel Farage spent two minutes on Question Time failing to answer a very simple question about WTO rules

Nigel Farage spent two minutes on Question Time failing to answer a very simple question about WTO rules

It's Friday, so you know that means? That's right, more nonsense from the BBC's leading panel debate show Question Time.

As always on the show, the topic of Brexit has sparked the most discussion and controversy - and it was Brexit head honcho Nigel Farage to spout something ridiculous that would leave us all aghast.

In what was his 33rd appearance on the show, Farage was asked by an audience member in Northampton about the World Trade Organisation - the contentious trading block that Brexiteers like Farage want the UK to enter after leaving the EU.

The audience member challenged the former UKIP leader to 'name one country that is in the WTO rules that doesn't have a trade agreement with another country?'

This was shortly after Farage told the audience that the Brexit Party backs the WTO trade rules option, but that only applies if a country within the WTO doesn't have any trade agreements with another country.

As it stands, all 164 members of the WTO have agreements with other nations, including the EU, which represents all member states when it strikes a deal. This was obviously something that Farage hadn't considered.

The audience member began by asking him:

I think there’s a couple of problems here.

The fundamental problem first of all, is Nigel, you say the WTO rules are not the problem, that’s the solution.

Name one country that is the WTO rules that doesn’t already have a trade agreement with one other country.

Name me one country.

Unsurprisingly, Nigel couldn't answer this question but did his best, basically stalling and not saying anything of note for around two minutes.

He initially tried to reply by saying:

WTO rules are the basis from which we begin.

Now I believe the only way we can get a free trade deal with the EU without the attached politics, is first to leave, and they’ll come running.

By the way, there are two dozen countries queueing up to do trade deals with us.

Can you name a country in the WTO that doesn’t have a trade agreement with another country?

Once we leave, we’ll be able to strike deals all over the world, which will be far better off -

The audience member was forced to interject as it was obvious that Farage was skirting around the issue and didn't have a clue what he was on about.

"Nigel, do you actually know the answer?" he asked, which prompted the Brexit Party leader to drop his whole charade and admit that he didn't know the answer.

No I don’t, because actually there isn’t one

This clip has since been viewed on Twitter more than 400,000 times and Farage's incompetence and failure to answer a simple question, which he should know the answer too, are being taken to the cleaners, with others hailing the audience member as a hero.

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