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Ok, so bride stories seem to be having a bit of moment.

What makes them so gripping? Is it the train-wreck style fascination of witnessing someone else’s disaster? Is it the uniquely morbid interest of watching a day dictated by society to be one of the best in a person’s life, unravel at the seams?

So far we’ve had this lady, this one, this bride and groom and the 'ultimate bridezilla' make unreasonable demands from their guests.

Now, a Reddit thread created by a bride is making the rounds online. The user, called u/lswo26, took to the social media website to rage because her mother-in-law decided to wear a wedding dress to her wedding.

"I specifically told her to find something that is navy blue, dark green or grey and something conservative," the unnamed bride wrote.

What did her groom’s mum go with? This:

"Yeah, no. That's totally a wedding dress," one Reddit user stated.

"It is gold with gold embellishments and gold threading," the bride continued.

The whole dress is sparkly. When she showed it to me I was absolutely shocked and I wasn't very happy with her choice of dress. My dress in comparison is very simple with a little lace and some satin. As she already spent a lot on it, I don't want to create unnecessary drama. Am I over reacting? What do you think?

It's reasonable to expect to be the centre of attention for just one day of your life (unless you’re Michelle Obama. Then you get weekdays and weekends too.)

The story gets better. She wrote:

I did tell her in the most diplomatic way possible that her dress is "not suitable for the function." She grabbed the dress out of my hands, stuffed it in the cupboard and gave me the silent treatment. I don't want to be mean as she might be going through a middle-age crisis and has high blood pressure. Not sure what to do at this point.

I brought it up with fiancé but he’s not good with fashion/dresses and commented that all dresses look the same to him.

Some people said she wasn’t overreacting by wanting to tell the mother of her fiancé what she can and cannot wear to her wedding.

Others accused the mother-in-law of jealousy towards the bride.

"Massively inappropriate," most people said.

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