UKIP candidate Carl Benjamin almost had a milkshake thrown over him while campaigning

UKIP candidate Carl Benjamin almost had a milkshake thrown over him while campaigning

Last week, it was Tommy Robinson who was being pelted with milkshakes while campaigning to become an MEP.

This week, it is UKIP candidate Carl Benjamin who has had a near miss with the liquid based dessert when he held a rally in the Cornish city of Truro.

Benjamin, whose comments about Labour MP Jess Phillips have generated a huge amount of controversy in recent weeks, was speaking to potential supporters who he hopes will vote for him in the European elections.

The YouTube personality was joined by the alt-right activist Milo Yiannopoulos but whatever they were hoping to promote was soon hijacked by a series of counter-protests.

These included two women with signs addressing the 'rape jokes' that Benjamin had made about Phillips and also a man playing the trumpet.

One protester also attempted to launch a milkshake at Benjamin but was reportedly unsuccessful in his attempts to drench the candidate in the beverage.

Cornwall Livereports that the incident occurred just before 1pm on Friday afternoon with the culprit being quickly apprehended and dragged to the floor in what is being described as a 'scuffle'.

A police statement about the incident read as follows:

At 12.40pm today officers attended a report of an altercation at a political rally at Lemon Quay, Truro.

A milkshake was reportedly thrown over a member of the public by a man wearing black clothing and a white mask.

Police carried out enquiries but the ‘victim’ did not make themselves known to officers. No official complaint has been received.

No-one matching the description of the suspect was located.

There is a small police presence at the event which is the norm regarding public safety/public order.


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