Christopher Mathias/Twitter screengrab

Far right protesters shouting racist and homophobic statements and carrying Nazi flags are storming their way through Charlottesville, Virginia.

‘F*** you f*****s’ is just one of many slogans being shouted at the controversial rally, as the National Guard stands by in case of violence.

People wearing T-Shirts quoting Adolf Hitler, and waving flags with the Nazi Swastika provide a grim picture for the ‘protest’, which police estimated will be attended by between 2,000 and 6,000 people.

Others were pictured holding their arms out in a Nazi salute.

Far right activist Jason Kessler planned the event, called ‘Unite the Right’ to prevent the statue of Confederate General Robert E Lee from being removed.

An earlier protest at the University of Virginia was dispersed by law enforcement, but not before skirmishes had erupted and one person was arrested.

However, amidst the racism and anger, a group of people decided to sing.

Huffington Post reporter Christopher Mathias captured the moment counter-protesters held hands and sang ‘This Little Light of Mine’ to white supremacists marching by.

The remarkable moment left a mark on people:

Many of the counter-protesters were clergymen and clergywomen:

And people are sending their support from all over the country:

Information about how the protest is unfolding can be found on The Independent

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