Video of how Chic-fil-a chicken nuggets are made goes viral

A TikTokuser’s video about how Chic-fil-A nuggets are actually made has gone viral. 

The video has over 13 million views, and it goes through the process of making Chic-fil-A nuggets step by step. Chic-fil-A was created in Georgia and is now one of the US’ largest fast-food chains - it’s famously closed on Sundays.

The video was posted by a TikTok user who has since deleted it - but someone else has reuploaded it to Youtube. The video was originally posted at the end of November, but has racked up many views in the weeks since.

The first frame is of raw chicken – just lumps and lumps of it, which are then rolled in with something called ‘milkwash’, then rolled into seasoning, and fried in a vat of boiling oil.

But people seemed to be surprised that Chic-fil-a was actually using real chicken and actual seasoning, not a hybrid combination of something that’s not actual meat.

Employees at other fast food chains have gotten in trouble for posting TikTok videos from work before – including other employees at Chic-fil-a. One worker was fired in August after she posted a TikTok with ‘secret menu’ hacks which could help people save money.

Others suggested that this video might have missed out vital ingredients – as Snopes reported, people have been saying for years that Chic-fil-a actually has pickle juice, which is supposedly one of its secret ingredients.

The ingredients for making the chic fil a nugget has been a source of much discussion over the past few years, particularly as people have come up with dupes and recipes of their own.

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