Chilling new Apple Watch advert uses audio from real emergency phone calls

Chilling new Apple Watch advert uses audio from real emergency phone calls

A stunning new ad from Apple features audio from real 911 calls - and some people think it’s one of the best commercials of all time.

Titled "911," the commercial uses real-life calls to tell the story of a farmer who fell from a ladder, and a paddleboarder who drifted out to sea—but luckily were able to call for help by using their Apple Watch.

Another person, named Amanda, frantically calls to say that her car flipped over and was starting to fill up with water.

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Fortunately, the end of the ad assures viewers that all three individuals were rescued in minutes. "With the help of their watch, Jason, Jim, and Amanda were rescued in minutes," it concludes.

In the video’s description, Apple wrote, "These are just three of many incredible stories where people were able to get help using Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch real can be potentially life-saving for many. The product has a variety of features such as the Emergency SOS feature that allows you to reach emergency services by pressing and holding the watch’s side button and dragging your finger on the slider on the watch face.

On Twitter, Apple shared another dangerous situation one user was in that required emergency medical attention.

“Bob B was knocked unconscious mountain biking in the forest. His Apple Watch detected the hard fall and automatically called 911 with his location. The future of health is on your wrist,” read the tweet.

One person hailed it as one of the best commercials they’d ever seen:

Another called it “dystopian” but also “effective”:

Another person took it a little too literally:

Meanwhile one person branded it “luxury surveillance”:

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