Donald Trump’s decision to fire FBI Director James Comey has been met with large scale criticism.

Comey was a key player in the investigation into alleged collusion between Russia and the US president’s election campaign.

People are worried about what his means for the US security services, and finding out the truth about the Kremlin's possible involvement.

In light of the gaping power vacuum left behind as a result, Chris Pratt has stepped forward to offer his services.

And the vehicle of choice was his TV show, Parks and Recreation.

Shortly following news of the dismissal, the actor tweeted footage of FBI Agent Burt Macklin, Andy Dwyer’s (Pratt's) alter ego.

Just lemme know

With such things, the viral potential was too much to ignore, and the internet quickly took up the call:

He's the obvious choice to take up the mantle of FBI Director...

Seriously America: think about it...

Macklin can do it:

Besides, you guys have a hero deficit...

Silver linings do exist, no matter how much you have to squint your eyes to find it.

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