Older woman tells young climate change activist that she is 'scaremongering' during live TV debate

Older woman tells young climate change activist that she is 'scaremongering' during live TV debate

We've now reached a point in the climate change debate where you ever wholeheartedly accept that the planet is on fire and something must be done about it or you will just never believe it no matter what you are told.

A bizarre encounter on BBC News on Friday morning literally typified this in the most remarkable fashion. During an open forum with members of the public from Norwich, the topic of climate change and why it should be a major factor in the general election was brought up.

An exchange between an older woman called Ruth and a young girl called Thea literally proved to be a prime example of why climate change activists are not taken seriously by a certain generation.

Thea told Ruth:

We are a small country so we are not producing that much emissions but we are leading the way and that is a good thing. 

The rest of the world needs to follow us but you mentioned social and health care, and other things like that, the climate crisis will directly influence health and social care, especially here in Norfolk.

Large parts of this county will end up underwater if we don't deal with the issue. 

Obviously not taking kindly to this fact, Ruth responded by saying that she was "scaremongering" which the younger girl passionately denied. The bold claim also created uproar in the audience.

Ruth then added:

We had Al Gore saying that somewhere he has just built a big palatial house on the beach is going to be underwater. He wouldn't have done that if that was the case.

Thea then says that it isn't scaremongering and that she is "very scared for her future." Ruth's response was equally scathing.

Of course, you are [scared] because you've been brainwashed.

Thea then came back with an absolute zinger that should have stopped the conversation right there.

I've been brainwashed by GCSE science? I've been brainwashed by the IPPC?

This is what the scientists believe. To the best of their understanding. 

Ruth then boldly tries to claim that 'not all scientists' to which her opponent replies '97 per cent of scientists' which in all fairness is a pretty high percentage of scientists.

As you can imagine people on Twitter were aghast at what they had just witnessed.

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