Bundles of cocaine worth millions keep washing up on the Florida coast

Bundles of cocaine worth millions keep washing up on the Florida coast

Residents in the Florida Keys have been finding bags of cocaine with a street value worth millions washing up on the shores of the coast.

Over the past week, residents on the island chain have reported finding big bags of drugs, including marijuana and cocaine, that have washed up on the beaches.

The US Border Patrol’s Miami Sector claims 10 pounds (over 4.5kg) of cocaine and 15 pounds (over 6.8kg) of marijuana have been found by “good samaritans” who have reported it.

The drugs are packaged tightly and heavily wrapped in black and clear plastic.

It was revealed earlier this month that recreational boaters were finding these bags and had discovered a haul worth $1.8 million (over £1.27 million).

Speaking to the Miami Herald, US Border Patrol spokesperson Adam Hoffman said these recent finds follow a bigger discovery made in April.

Then, a large sack containing 73 pounds of cocaine worth an estimated $1.7 million was discovered floating off the shore of Key Largo.

In other incidents, anglers, boaters and snorkelers across the Keys have happened upon bags of marijuana and cocaine, sometimes worth millions of dollars.

One snorkeler even reportedly found 25 bricks of cocaine floating loose in the water.

It is not known where exactly these washed up drugs are coming from, but the route is a well-known one for drug smugglers from Cuba and the surrounding areas.

In a tweet, the area’s Chief Patrol Agent thanked the community for their support and for notifying them about the illegal discoveries.

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