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A makeup brand has released a new range of foundation colours, however not everyone is impressed with the way they've chosen to name their new range of shades.

The New York-based make up brand Cocoa Swatches launched their new collaboration with the well-known make up artist Jackie Aina 'Born This Way' on 16 June.

The idea behind the range is that it is inclusive, and provides a foundation for all skin types. On the promotional materials for the launch, it says:

We teamed up with beauty and style influencer and makeup artist Jackie Aina to create the perfect shade range for all skin tones to help everyone look and feel their most beautiful.

Some Twitter users took issue with the branding.

The white skin tones use things as their namesakes, such as 'cloud', 'snow' or 'ivory'. However, the black skin tones are largely named after foods, including 'caramel', 'mocha' and 'cocoa'.

Why, questioned some, couldn't the white skin tones have delicious-sounding names, too?

Others were quick to point out 'nude' is different for everyone.

Some, however, didn't see what all the fuss was about.

Cocoa Swatches took to Twitter to defend and explain their branding choices.

Indy100 has contacted Cocoa Swatches for comment.

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