This machine will turn your favourite song into a drink

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Have you ever wondered what your favourite song might taste like?

We realise that it's not a typical question that everyone asks themselves but a Japanese company have decided to answer it anyway.

The intelligent people at NOMLABhave invented a machine, called Squeeze Music which will literally turn your favourite song into a drink.

Their unique juicer-come-juke box analyses the emotional content of any song and transforms it into a delicious liquid.

It does this by looking at the song's waveform for feelings, with each emotion representing a specific flavour.

They are:

  • Happy = Sweet
  • Excitement = Sour
  • Romance = Astringent
  • Sentiment = Salty
  • Sadness = Bitter

You can watch the machine in action below:

So, for instance, we can imagine 'Happy' by Pharrell Williams would be a mix of Sweet and Sour, while 'Bohemian Rhapsody' by Queen is probably a powerful mix of all five of those flavours.

You metal heads out there might be wondering why it doesn't include anger?

Well, the developers are working on that.

The Nomura Open Innovation Lab are incorporating five more feelings to the machines emotional spectrum.

The developers see the machine as being a perfect attraction at a music festival or concert.

At a music festival for example, you can enjoy the experience to have a drink blended according to a song while listening to it at the gig.

Moreover, we can mix alcohol so it could be served as cocktails in a bar if people want to try that out. 

Sadly, Squeeze Music is still in its prototype stage but the creators are aiming to commercialise it in the future.

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