Former Tory MPs are worried about their finances after losing their seats

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The Conservatives lost thirteen seats on net in the 2017 general election.

This means that a lot of Conservative MPs, or rather former MPs, are now out a job.

Last night, Theresa May stood in front of the 1922 committee, the parliamentary group of the Conservative party backbenchers, and attempted to solidify her position as Prime Minister and Leader of the Party.

Many were angry at her performance in the election, which threw away a majority against all expectations, and she told MPs:

I got us into this mess and I’m going to get us out of it.

She told MPs she would serve as long as they wanted her to.

It was pointed out that a number of MPs lost their seats and therefore their jobs:

The Guardian reported that an MP leaving the committee room said:

She was very concerned about people who have lost their seats, the party is going to help them, some of them are in dire financial situations.

She did say sorry, several times.

She apologised for colleagues losing their seat, for making the call about the early election.

Voters had little sympathy for the MPs, who had presided over a government commonly seen as harsh to those who are out of work:

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